Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mt. Kilauea

Volcanos are another of those subjects that fascinate me. I read all articles about them that come my way and watch any programs on television. I suppose my fascination began as a child when we started learning about Pompeii in school. From that point on, I couldn't get enough information about them.

I've climbed up and into few dormant volcanos -- Diamond Head and the Amboy Crater quickly come to mind -- and I'd love to be able to see Haleakala on Maui one day. Many years ago I had the pleasure of seeing the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. Steam vents and lava tubes gave me a hint of what was to come, but the actual sight of the steaming volcano took my breath away with its prehistoric look and sheer size. This visit was before a large eruption that eventually blocked the road we'd taken.

There seems to be some recent activity at Kilauea, so I thought I'd share these two articles with you:

Hawaii volcano explodes for first time in 84 years

Kilauea Volcano Blows Plume Of Ash

Stubborn homeowners live by oozing volcano

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