Sunday, August 28, 2016

Palm Springs Comic-Con

I'm glad we went and glad we had San Diego Comic-Con to compare. SDCC is superior to PSCC. But this was the first one for PSCC. They'll get there.

I don't think they were prepared for the amount of people who attended. We pre-bought our tickets (always a good idea) but there was no separate check-in line for those individuals. PSCC opened at 10 and we arrived a little before 1:00, having done other things in the area first to get the max benefit of our trip. Parking was tricky but we did find a spot in one of the lots and didn't mind paying for the privilege...$8. Then we stood in a very long line for 90 minutes for check-in. The guy checking us in said, "Sorry for the wait but it's better than SDCC." We replied, "No, it isn't. Took us less than 15 min there." So they need to work on that.

It was crowded on the floor. That's to be expected. I was only able to get one picture as a result because I'm short. There was very little swag and that was disappointing. There were more artists, authors, and celebrities than vendors. Hopefully that will change as the event grows. We saw Lou Ferrigno (for $40 you could have your picture taken with him). He was much smaller that he seems on screen. Spoke with Kathy Garver (Cissie from Family Affair) and saw a couple more familiar character actors, whose names escape me. Never saw Stan Lee and this was very much pushed as a Stan Lee event. All individuals events with him sold out fast.

One vendor gave a little boy a Nerf sword and made that kid's day. After the boy ran off the man looked at me and "It was broken." I said, "Doesn't matter. It was still a very nice thing to do." I would have liked to have seen more vendors, but it was the first time event. We still found things to buy at one of the steampunk vendor booths.

Comic-Con is also about the costumes and there were many fantastic costumes. There was a fantastic Joker and a great Voldemort. Lots of Harley Quinns, Spiderman (adult and kids), Star Wars characters, Avatar characters.

Bottom line: There were issues, but it was still a fun time. :)

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